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Posted: April 15, 2019 в 9:28 am

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Ballbusting Beauties – Cry Baby Ballbusting – Sablique Von Lux

It is a well known fact that Sablique’s favorite activity is ballbusting. However, recently her ballbusting slave has been flinching, crying, and complaining every time she kicks his fully exposed groin. Tired of hearing him whine all the time, she’s decided to put him in a diaper so that she can kick him as hard as she wants to. Once Sablique has him in his crinkly, pink diaper, she can’t stop laughing at how pathetic he looks. With a hop-skip she delivers the first kick that absolutely floors her slave. He can’t help but drop in pain between the hard kicks and knees in various positions she orders him into. Despite his physical weakness, Sablique is satisfied with how much harder she is able to bust him and even allows him to graciously worship her perfect feet. Clearly struggling to take much more, she has him stand for three more kicks. On the final kick, the diaper explodes from the destructive force of the kick that leaves her slave writhing around on the ground. Sablique puts her high heel down right on his groin, grinding and crushing his already sore balls before sending him crawling away!!

Starring: Sablique Von Lux
Size: 318.8 MB
Duration: 00:08:33 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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