Mariah and Natalya – Just Take it Out on Him (Bound and Beaten in Basement) – Brat Princess 2

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Posted: March 30, 2019 в 10:10 pm

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Mariah and Natalya – Just Take it Out on Him (Bound and Beaten in Basement) – Brat Princess 2

One slave in the Brat Princess sorority house is dedicated to being just the girls human punching bag. Everyone knows that it is never ok for a boy to hit a girl, but girls can hit boys as much as they want to. Whenever Mariah or Natalya, or any of the girls in the sorority house are having a bad day, they just come to the basement and take out all of their frustration and anger by physically abusing a tied-up male. Even though the male is bigger than them, he is of course never allowed to hit back. The girls start the beating by kicking the male in the balls, the obvious most vulnerable part of his body, as hard as they possibly can. Not enough, the girls begin slapping the male in the face as hard as they possibly can, too. No male would ever be allowed to hit a girl the way that they are hitting him. It’s frowned upon when a guy does it, but hot girls can get away with pretty much anything they want. The girls assault the tied-up male. One kicking his balls repeatedly, the other slapping him in the face. It is basically a two against one physical altercation, with the person getting beaten up tied up and helpless. The girls are so angry! But a lousy beta male should be grateful for any attention from a female, even if the attention comes in the form of abuse. The girls laugh while they tear the male apart. They don’t care what kind of trauma his less-important body endures. Their feelings are more important than his physical well-being.

Starring: Mariah, Natalya
Size: 910.6 MB
Duration: 00:12:22 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
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  • dofaust
    Author: dofaust Added July 20, 2019 в 07:35

    Videos with a sub who is not fit, or fems who are not very imaginative,
    or enjoying the scene, esp with an unrestrained sub, are not appealing.


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