Ballbusting / CBT



Today, I’m going to give my slave some training. He has to learn to worship me and do exactly what I say. I begin with him on his knees and kissing my shoes and making sure he understands that he is beneath me. I then have him lying on the floor, while I press my shoes firmly on his head. It’s time for his stress test, and I’m going to make him suffer. I stand him with his legs apart, and begin to give his cock and ball a painful kicking. Of course it’s not long before the power of my kicks has my bitch on the floor. He once again has to worship my feet, as I get him to remove the ties from my stiletto’s. When he’s finished I remove my shoes, and he’s going to experience another round of ballbusting. With him standing with his legs apart, I go behind him and give his ball some serious kicks. I so love that clapping sound as my feed find their target. I then move round to the front of him to finish him off. With a few more thunder claps, he falls to the floor. I had asked him earlier how his pain threshold was? I now know he’s just another superfly…

Starring: Mistress Gaia
Size: 409.4 MB
Duration: 00:10:08 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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