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Posted: November 27, 2018 в 5:27 pm

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BIRTHDAY BUSTING – Kara & Courtney – chicks-vs-balls

One of our pathetic slaves is celebrating his birthday today so Kara and Courtney decide to make the day extra memorable for him. They start by rubbing their feet over his cock and balls, he seems to like that. Stupid fucker thinks his gonna have it easy with two sexy ladies playing seductively with his manhood. He must’ve been dropped on his head as a youth because it’s not about his happiness, it’s always about the ladies being happy and what makes them happy is kicking the stuffing out of the disgusting cock and balls between his legs. They really go to town on birthday boy, kicking and kneeing him ferociously in his weak spot. The plan is to give him a kick for every year his been on this earth but unless his over a hundred years old the maths doesn’t seem to add up. This is one birthday that’ll stick in this losers mind forever.

Starring: Kara, Courtney
Size: 474.5 MB
Duration: 00:09:30 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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