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Ballbusting Beauties – Attitude Adjustment 2: The Head of the Family – Ayla Aysel

Ballbusting Beauties – Attitude Adjustment 2: The Head of the Family – Ayla Aysel

Ayla’s step-father calls her into the room to have a serious discussion with her. Last night, he heard her boyfriend leave at an hour that was much too late and he is concerned that she doesn’t respect him as the leader of the house. Barely paying attention to what her loser step-father is saying to her, however she informs him that it is most definitely not “his” house and really it’s her mothers. Upset at her blatant disrespect, her step-father gets angry with her which triggers Ayla to do what she has wanted to do since the loser moved in…….kick him in the balls!! She sends him to his knees with a swift kick right to the groin and tells him that some changes are going to be made around the house. Every time he stands and attempts to argue with her, she lays another strong kick right in between his legs. With his hot step-daughter completing dominating him, the beta step-father can’t control his erection and Ayla immediately uses it to her advantage. While still relentlessly busting his balls with toe kicks from her converse, she spins the story of how her creepy step-father actually made a sexual move on her first. Ayla realizes that she now has complete control over him, but to completely break his ego, she has him get down on his knees and kiss her feet. Still a bit stubborn, he refuses at first, but a few hard kicks to the balls is enough to change his mind and he fully submits to his bratty step-daughter!

Starring: Ayla Aysel
Size: 376.2 MB
Duration: 00:12:14 min
Resolution: 1280×720
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