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Posted: September 27, 2018 в 5:04 pm

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Lick My Toes If You Can – Kyaa’s Empire

How hard would you try to reach my toes with your tongue if it meant straining against a thick steel chain wrapped securely around your genitals and anchored to the heavy cage that you had been kept in all day?

My slave michael got the chance to experience this frustrating ecstasy as he knelt before me. This slave worked for 3 years to earn the honor of having his tongue just a few inches from my perfect bare feet and his balls being brutally abused in his effort to reach them. By the end of this clip his balls were swollen like I had never seen balls swollen before and had turned a deep purple-blue that will make your balls ache with envy, fear or both!

Watch this clip to see me control my collared slave with my bare feet. I have him entranced, he cannot take his eyes away from my pretty toes as I wiggle them in front of his face even with the chain around his locked up cock and purple balls. I hold a pink riding crop in my hand as I sit above him, smacking him with it repeatedly. Making him pull harder against the chain around his aching balls and caged dicklet which keep him from my feet, I laugh mercilessly. I command him to lick my toes although I know he can’t reach them, no matter how hard he tries!

Even though he knows I set him to fail, he tries. I’m sure you will be rooting for him, wishing you too could just reach out that last couple of inches and actually taste my soft size nine Goddess feet!

My slave is so lucky to be so close to my feet, getting to see them in all their glory right in front of his unworthy eyes. Even when I order him to lick and kiss the floor under under my feet while denying him the honor of tasting my toes you will be green with envy!

To see my slave worship my feet with such reverence, pushing himself to the limit and beyond, will make you weaker than you have ever been. This is truly an amazing experience, watch and you will find yourself swept up, helplessly aroused and wishing for my slave to reach my toes.

Starring: Goddess Kyaa
Size: 349.59 MB
Duration: 00:08:51 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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