Ballbusting Beauties – You Don’t Tip, You Get Kicked

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Posted: September 24, 2018 в 9:26 am

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Ballbusting Beauties – You Don’t Tip, You Get Kicked

Luna is a delivery driver for a local dispensary and works incredibly hard to always be quick and on time. Arriving at her next client’s house, after knocking she is simply shouted at to “come in”. Upon walking in she tries to be friendly and professional but her customer barely even looks up from his phone and mutters some instructions about leaving his purchase on the table. Astonished at how rude he is being. she at least hopes a tip will somewhat make up for this experience. Patiently she waits a moment expecting him to say something, and when he finally did speak it was simply to ask why she hadn’t left yet. She tries to kindly explain that she typically gets a tip for her services which is when she is met with further hostility from the customer. Already having a rough day, this is the last straw for Luna who unleashes her rage on the crude customer. She throws him around like a helpless rag doll as she kicks him in the balls. Stepping on his feet, she puts her full weight on them under her boots and takes pleasure in his screams of pain before dropping him to the floor with a kick. Now on all fours, she crushes his hands next under her boots as he can only watch and hope for mercy. But Luna is far from done with him, ravaging him with destructive kicks and knees from every angle. Wanting to take things even further, she forces him to strip out of his pants, completely humiliating him for having a rock hard cock while getting his ass beaten by a girl. His begging and pleading for her to leave does nothing as she squeezes his balls in her hands before getting in more kicks and knees to his now bare cock and balls. Falling to his knees again, she order his to worship her boots, stepping on the back of his head as he is kissing her other boot. Unable to take anymore and in shock from the assault to his groin, Luna has him apologize one final time before giving him a swift, unbelievably hard kick to the balls that renders him breathless!!

Starring: Luna Leigh
Size: 406.2 MB
Duration: 00:08:10 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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