Trampling Feet Perfection – 280 lbs Layla Crushes Balls

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Posted: August 30, 2018 в 10:09 am

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Trampling Feet Perfection – 280 lbs Layla Crushes Balls

Layla Moore tramples and crushes her slaves like she has no care in the world if his nuts survive. She stands on his balls and cock multiple times with all 280 lbs sinking into him. She puts her foot directly on his nuts as she pushes them up onto his stomach to get her big feet directly on top of them. Unlike when she stands on his balls normally they have some room to go in between his legs. Not when she pushes them up on his stomach. She does this multiple times as she leans into his nuts with one foot. You can see them deforming under her weight. Just her leaning with half her weight is already 140 lbs of pressure on his nuts. Then imagine if she where to put one foot directly on his balls with her big feet covering both balls and his dick. Well this is exactly what she does for the last ball crushing scene of the clip. She roles his balls up on his gut and presses down to make sure she has her balance. Once she is happy that she will be able to balance on his nuts with one foot she literally lifts up her other foot that was on the ground and stands directly on his nuts with no where else to go and they have to take all 280 lbs on one foot as she literally flattens his balls. you can see in the clips that her other foot is all the way off the ground and in the air as the slave cant believe what is happened to his balls. At this moment he really had no idea if this would cause permanent damage or not to his balls as Layla deforms and flattens them with all her weight.

Starring: Layla Moore
Size: 342.3 MB
Duration: 00:07:10 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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