Lady Kara – Slippy and sticky dick beneath my boots with spikes

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Posted: August 15, 2018 в 8:58 am

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Lady Kara – Slippy and sticky dick beneath my boots with spikes

Slave do you want to feel a nice feeling on your pathetic cock? Your Lady prepare for you something special. But before you will feel that nice sticky feeling on your cock you must suffer. Don’t worry it’s worth it, I promise. Have your Lady ever lied to you. First I have to torture your cock a little. Why? Because I love it! I love when your little pathetic manhood is disappearing beneath my boots after I smash it. When I get bored I show you what I have for you. Do you see that eggs? Yes, it’s gonna be painful for you and I would lie if I say it will hurt me. Haha. I’m gonna smash that eggs on your dick. I promise I’ll do it fast! You see? You must to pain to have a pleasure. Now when your dick is slippy and sticky it’s a better feeling? Yes? When I rub your dick with the bottom of my boots? I hear you like it! Nice and cozy? You want to cum? Not so fast! You cum on my way! To much pleasure for you! Maybe I crush your dick a little bit harder… Haha you screaming? You forgot about eggshells? They’re sharp like the spikes on my boots! Yes scream louder! Now is the time for you to cum in all that mess from the eggs.

Starring: Lady Kara
Size: 1.2 GB
Duration: 00:19:47 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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Comments: 4

  • Chris
    Author: Chris Added May 30, 2019 в 06:52

    Could you reupload this by any chance? Its the only clip of hers I somehow missed and it looks like the best one lol.

    Thanks, even if you cant!

  • martin
    Author: martin Added December 12, 2020 в 22:38

    this does not work even with premium. Can you fix that?

    • admin
      Author: admin Added December 17, 2020 в 22:28

      This link is worked !
      File is available for Premium Users only

  • kanto
    Author: kanto Added August 25, 2021 в 02:28

    Reason for deletion: DMCA


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