3:30 AM Ball Beating – MILKED AND BUSTED

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Posted: August 4, 2018 в 11:57 am

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3:30 AM Ball Beating – MILKED AND BUSTED

After Andrea Dipre got his balls busted at the party, he drank himself to sleep to forget about his throbbing nuts. He ended up passing out on the couch. Music goes off. End of the night and Aria and Frankie went home. But June and Eden And Bella stayed up late night. They were still wide awake. They giggled at how funny it would be to wake up Andrea and start kicking his nuts. The concern was it was 3:30 AM in the morning – and neighbors would hear his screams. June said they can just take turns holding their hands over his mouth to muffle his cries. And they agreed that if they are to do it this late, that they would all whisper, really whisper. So they crept over to Andrea and woke him up. He was in a daze. They told him to shut the hell up. And get against the wall. That they weren’t finished with him. They take turns kicking him while someone else holds their hand over his mouth. Or just telling him to not make any noise while they continue to have their fun. Andrea was definitely suffering through this one. It’s hard enough to be woken in the middle of your sleep to get your balls busted. But then not being told he can’t make a peep was even more difficult. Wasn’t even easy for the girls as they are used to yelling. That’s what makes this quiet whisper clip unique, and actually very sexy & erotic to watch. Might be fun for the hand over mouth guys too. On another note, Bella, Eden and June still look super hot at 3:30am in the morning. Bella then puts Andrea back to sleep with her ass on his face.

Starring: Bella, Eden, June
Size: 113.5 MB
Duration: 00:06:42 min
Resolution: 856×480
Format video: mp4


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