A CRUEL AND RELENTLESS BALL BUSTING. Starring Empress Jennifer – Asian Cruelty

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Posted: July 23, 2018 в 10:52 am

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A CRUEL AND RELENTLESS BALL BUSTING. Starring Empress Jennifer – Asian Cruelty

This particular slave has far too high an opinion of himself. Granted he is one of the more attractive, well built and well endowed minions in my stable. Yet still, he is merely a slave, put on this earth to do my bidding. And he must never forget this.

He must be cut down to size…on his knees…humbled…all traces of self esteem destroyed…broken physically and psychologically. One of my preferred methods of emasculating a male inferior is to abuse his most prized possession. That being his precious family jewels. My punishment of choice? Severe ball busting of course.

I need not bind my slave for his punishment, as he knows very well that if he attempts to flee, it will only be worse for him when he inevitably crawls back to me. And so I instruct him to stand in the middle of my dungeon, fully naked and exposed, with his hands clenched tightly behind his head. My first kick lands square between his legs, driving his cock and ball sack up inside his belly.

Bam! Bam! Bam! I relentlessly kick his scrotum until he drops to the floor. I instantly order him back to his feet for another round of excruciating kicks…and another…and another. When he can’t get up fast enough to suit me, I simply tell him to spread his legs and I kick and crush his dick and nut sack where he lies.

My favorite position is to have him on all fours facing away from me, so he can’t see it coming. Kick after agonizing soccer style kick, I destroy his manhood with my thigh high boots. When I am done with him, his cock will be rendered useless for a month or so. And during that time, he will ponder his life without his precious manhood. Because it is of no use to me. All I need from him is his pain and subservience. He will learn his place.

Starring: Empress Jennifer
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Duration: 00:07:22 min
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