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We Love Ballbusting – The Mark Of Lyra Lethe! Ultimate Edition (top choice april clip) limited time

We Love Ballbusting – The Mark Of Lyra Lethe! Ultimate Edition (top choice april clip) limited time

DOMINA LYRA LETHE IS THE MOST GENUINE AND PROLIFIC SEXUAL SADIST SINCE DOMINA NYX!!!! After all, there is a difference between a lifestyle dominatrix, a female supremacist, and a sexual sadist. A lifestyle dominatrix has personal slaves who help make her life more convenient and satisfy her desires. They buy her things, clean up her apartment, and act as a personal assistant without pay. A female supremacist believes that women should have greater rights, value, and influence in the world vs. men as well as the ability to use them as they see fit. Finally, a Sexual Sadist derives sexual pleasure from the torture and domination of their victims (famous examples include the BTK , Delphine Lalaurie, Erzabeth Bathory). As it turns out, Domina Lyra Lethe is all of the above and particularly the later. She is a gorgeous red headed siren obsessed with BLD sacrifice and sadistic rituals. What was filmed with her is truly record breaking and scenes went on for many times past their usual length as she did not want to stop. Domina Lyra Lethe is the greatest sadist to grace this studio in years and as you know this is quite the statement! She uses a scalpel to draw a large LL on your cock and testicles then kicks them with a new pair of ultra sharp spiked boots! As severe as the pictures on our twitter may seam that is but a small fraction of the whole scene in its epic glory. This clip features part one and two in its entirety plus extra. You will want to act quickly before it is removed! We have just had to remove several clips!

Starring: Lyra Lethe
Size: 834.57 MB
Duration: 00:15:44 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4



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