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Posted: June 3, 2018 в 9:12 am

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Sixteen Clothespins – Miss Kelle Martina

I have my slave securely fixed to a wooden, St. Andrew’s cross in my dungeon. He’s naked except for his collar. He knows how cruel I can be but and his cock is hard with anticipation. He told me he once saw a Dominatrix who covered his cock and balls in clothespins. I’d like to see just how many I can get on there. I wonder if his erection will endure through the pain.

I pull the skin on his balls taught and clamp the first clothes pin right in the middle of his balls. He starts to groan but unluckily for him I am just getting started. I manage to fit 12 clothespins on his balls and at this point the skin is pulled extremely tightly and he’s struggling in his restraints. But I’m not done yet.

I place the thirteenth clothespin at the base of his shaft. It’s quickly followed by three more going right up to the head of his cock. I’m feeling particularly cruel today so I place the final clothespin right on his frenulum. At this point you can barely see his cock through the mass of black clothespins. I grab the head of his cock and point it towards his face to stretch the skin even more. He doesn’t seem to like that very much.

I’m never satisfied once I really get into torturing my slaves. I tie a thin, black rope around the head of his cock and tie the other end to his collar to keep the skin nice and taught. It can’t be comfortable. I decide he’s not being quite entertaining enough so I make him dance around a bit and the clothespins pull on his tender skin with every slight movement. The rattling of the clothespins and his sad moans are music to my ears.

I notice some unclaimed territory on his cock and balls. I take the opportunity to add a few more clothespins then grab the rope tied to his cock and shake it around a little more.

I feel like it’s time to change things up a bit so I start ripping the clothes pins off one by one to reveal the swollen, tender skin beneath. I take a brief break from clothespin removal to stroke his cock. It’s very confusing for him to have this pleasure and pain all at once. I continue ripping off clothespins. Much harder now. I look him straight in the eyes as I remove the final one. He howls.

All that fun I was having seems to have made his erection go down but I’m sure it will be back in no time as he’s such a horny boy. I slap his cock and ask him if he loves suffering for me. He does. That makes me so happy.

I grab his aching balls tightly in my and grab my rope again. I tie his balls tightly and pull hard on the rope leash I have made for them. Surprisingly, his cock seems to be hard again.

Now it’s time to beat his cock into submission. I bend over, showing off my beautiful ass, and grab a nasty, little toy. I alternate between short, sharp smacks to his cock and balls and long, gentle strokes of his cock. He writhes around in agony but he can’t escape from the cross. I love teasing my slaves and denying them their orgasms.

It seems like my little slave has had enough. It’s time to put his cock back in its little collar so everyone knows it’s mine.

I decide when to hurt you.

Starring: Miss Kelle Martina
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