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Posted: March 17, 2018 в 3:18 pm

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Origins Of Mr. Squishy – THE MEAN GIRLS – Raven & Aria

Every slave at Mean Girl Manor has to be prepared to take a ballbusting on demand. At any moment any one of The Mean Girls can grab any slave they want for a ballbusting. They might be filming it for a new clip, or it might be just for “fun” or some much-needed stress relief. But either way, when any of The Mean Girls decides to grab a slave for a ballbusting the ONLY acceptable response from the slave is to spread its fucking legs nice n wide- and take it without complaint!! Like an obedient, mind-numbed little zombee ballbusting bitch.

Goddess Raven and Princess Aria have chosen a slave for today’s ballbusting, but it is having “second thoughts” and wants to back out! They tell the slave that it has absolutely NO CHOICE in this, and make fun of him for being such a pussy as they begin to kick him in the balls anyway. They are only a few minutes into the ballbusting when he literally falls to the floor and says he “can’t continue”. Um, this is completely unacceptable! Goddess Raven can’t believe the slave can’t even take a simple ballbusting when it is commanded to!

Goddess Raven is not going to let the slave get away with this. She wheels a cart into the room that has a built in ball-crushing device attached to it. The slave is ordered to stand and place its pathetic cock-n-balls into the device. Goddess Raven then TIGHTENS the screws and the plates of the ball crusher- like a vise trapping and crushing the slave’s balls!! The plates are see-thru so you can see at all times just how flattened and crushed the slaves cock and balls really are- and they are like flesh-colored pancakes!

The slave is in absolute agony and is literally begging to go back to the ballbusting instead! At least with ballbusting, the pain was intermittent! but now his balls hurt CONSTANTLY and without any respite! His pleas fall on deaf ears though, as Goddess Raven just laughs and tightens the device even MORE! (“This is what he GETS for disobeying! Don’t these stupid slaves know that we can always just make it WORSE for them if they EVER dare to complain about how much we abuse them??”)

They then make the slave sweep the floor clean with a broom as they enjoy watching him struggle to walk around – and pull THEM around on the cart too while he’s at it!) while its balls are trapped in the device! This isn’t some temporary punishment, either! The Goddesses decide its balls will be left like this for as long as they like… The slave is now know around the manor as “Mr. Squishy” because its balls have been squished down to look like pancakes.

Starring: Raven Hart, Princess Aria
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