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Posted: March 15, 2018 в 8:28 am

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Sleazy Landlord gets Baited and Busted – Ballbusting Beauties – Alexa Nova

It’s already the tenth of the month and Alexa Nova is stressing because she’s late on her rent again and knows her creepy landlord will be coming by to try to collect the money. In the past he has hit on her and is always checking her out when she leaves or comes home…..but this time, if he tries to pull anything again Alexa has a plan. After a knock on the door her landlord asks if he can enter and have a chat with her. Trying to reason with him, she explains that her work keeps not paying her on time but her landlord doesn’t care for her excuses. Instead, he’s staring at her legs showing from the short skirt she’s wearing and getting turned on from her begging. Wanting to take advantage of the situation, he gives her a simple choice: she can either give him a blowjob or he can give her an eviction notice. Playing along with his ultimatum, she starts whimpering as she gets down onto her knees and unzips his pants to pull out his hard cock and balls. As her landlord’s head and eyes roll back in pleasure, she seizes her opportunity and squeezes her hand tight around his balls and starts punching away. In shock from the sudden switch in pleasure to pain, her landlord screams in pain before dropping to the ground. Now in control of the situation she grabs the creepy landlord by the ankles and stomps her high heels down, crushing his balls. Now in a new bargaining situation, Alexa tells her landlord that she won’t have to pay rent ever again if he wants to keep his balls. Still feeling brave despite the compromising situation he is in, the landlord hurls insults and threats at her. But this just means that Alexa has to break him down even further and pulls him to his feel by his hair. Holding him in place she kicks and knees his balls until he agrees to everything she asks for!

Starring: Alexa Nova
Size: 192.38 MB
Duration: 00:07:07 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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Sleazy Landlord gets Baited and Busted.mp4 – 192.4 MB

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