She’s so mean – Sweets Treats Trample Femdomme

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Posted: March 14, 2018 в 8:58 am

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She’s so mean – Sweets Treats Trample Femdomme

I delight in my slave’s torment. Especially when stepping all over his balls with my barefeet and crushing them with my toes. Hearing him gasp in pain (or pleasure, I can’t really tell) makes me giddy. I like watching his balls flatten out on the cockboard while I smash them with my heels. What a challenge I gave him! I order him to come all over my toes after I smashed his cock and balls flat. He managed to have a happy ending…sort of. His balls will be bruised blue tomorrow!

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  • Brian
    Author: Brian Added May 30, 2019 в 01:38

    The link is down. Can you reupload please.


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