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Posted: February 9, 2018 в 6:01 pm

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Peko Lux is back for a short but maybe not so sweet nut busting session! She warns us that she’s going to give 20 kicks to the ballbag, and starts wailing on Psy’s nuts without restraint! She laughs as he groans in between each kick, mocking his pain. Peko decides to spice it up and grab and twist his sack and give him a few good knees as well!

After the last kick, he’s on the ground in pain with Peko continuing to laugh as she rubs her pussy. She calls him pathetic but he’s in too much pain to contest her- not that it’d be wise to anyway!

Starring: Peko Lux
Size: 130.99 MB
Duration: 00:02:40 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


Download link:
20 Kicks to the Ballbag with Peko Lux.mp4 – 131.0 MB

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