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Posted: December 27, 2017 в 9:52 am

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Sablique couldn’t be more excited to spend time with her boyfriend Jay. She suggests that they should give each other just one gift tonight to celebrate. Sablique has her boyfriend close his eyes, and reveals that she got him a new a cell phone that she waited eight hours just to purchase for him! Unfortunately, Jay did not ANY thought into his gift. He asks Sablique to close her eyes, and simply hands her a candle from the coffee table!! Thinking it must be some kind of joke, Sablique is quite confused at first. But when her asshole boyfriend attempts to justify the gift she becomes enraged, informing him that all that talk about her being friends with Santa is in fact quite true. She storms off as Jay tries to reason with her, thinking she is just mad and insane. After getting himself comfortable on the couch, something more sinister than his angry girlfriend returns. The sexy, kinky Krampus beckons Jay to her, and the punishment begins. Overpowering him, she chains his hands to his sides and gags him with a candy cane. She festively assaults him using candy canes, corporal canes, and her reliable riding crop. After properly wrapping Jay, Sablique throws him to the ground, taunting him with her massive Krampus cock. Trembling in fear on the ground from being beaten senseless, Jay is helpless to the whims of Sablique. Grabbing him by the hair, she uses her massive Krampus cock to fuck his mouth. She locks her thighs around tightly around his neck while still forcing him to suck. When she feels he has sufficiently lubed up her cock, she stands him up and bends him over and the festive fuckfest begins. Showing no mercy for his thoughtless gift, she fucks his ass hard, clearly enjoying his screams of pain. Wanting to see just how sorry he really is, she sits back and orders him to ride her cock. Desperate for the punishment to end, Jay sits down and takes the whole strap-on. Finally satisfied that he has learned his lesson, Sablique verbally berates him one final time to drill home her holiday lesson before leaving him to clean up……

Starring: Gypsy Von Lux
Size: 657.7 Mb
Duration: 00:25:28 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Krampus Girlfriend.mp4 – 657.7 MB

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