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Posted: December 22, 2017 в 9:49 am

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This Goddess loves keeping her feet soft with her slaves sperm! It is a reluctant slave for it wishes to use them to father ch1ldren someday! So to ensure that it doesn’t try to hold back or save any, She has it trapped in the t0rture table to ensure complete cooperation where she can extract as much of his precious baaby gravy as she wants!!!

She works over his cock with her French Pedicure bare feet to extreme excitement while verbally tormenting it! She even verbally degrades his cum while vigorously stroking his helpless throbbing member until HIS COCK EXPLODES!!! She tried to step on his cockhead to ruin his orgasm but the slave came so hard that his dick just kept flopping around like an out of control fire hose spraying ALL OVER THE TABLE!!!

After SHE DRAINS HIS BALLS COMPLETLY she then bathes her feet in the massive puddle of warm semen as she rubs it into her skin!!! The defeated slave is forced to watch with great humiliation while SHE CRUSHES HIS SPERMS and stomps his sticky cum load!!! You will hear LOTS OF SQUISHING SOUNDS coming from beneath her cum soaked feet as she PLAYS WITH THE CUMSHOT EXTENSIVELY!!!

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Duration: 00:12:28 min
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