Cock and Balls Trampling

Lady Latisha’s Perfect Sadistic Trampling Bootjob – Close Up 2 – Clip 2 – High Heels Goddess – Lady Latisha

I’m a Heartless Mistress, my style, dominant and so sexy! – I’m wearing a fishnet catsuit made of nylon, a leather bodysuit and very exclusive Designer Over Knee Stiletto Boots, the brand “Bond by Biondini”.
I know no mercy, his bl__d will flow! – As usual I’m trashing his genitals, with my full weight. Ruthlessly I trample with my shoe heels on his penis glans, until the first cuts and shoe heel footprints can be seen. I love how it makes my boot slave more horny for me.
I stand on his genitals and enjoy my dominance. Now I squat down. While I crush his cock with my sexy stiletto boots. I hit my hand on his penis so that my fingernails cut his penis glans. Bl__d runs out of his penis glans and I trample, with my full weight, more bl__d from his cock. Haha 😉
I enjoy how my boot slave suffers for me. He moans in pain and my desire gets bigger. I trample mercilessly on his bl__dy cock and his balls. After an intense trampling torture, I am then gracious. My pathetic boot slave may cum under my shoe sole.
Lady Latisha

Starring: Lady Latisha
Size: 747.13 Mb
Duration: 00:10:44 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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Lady Latishas Perfect Sadistic Trampling Bootjob_Close Up2_Clip2.mp4 – 747.1 MB

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