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Posted: December 10, 2017 в 9:28 am

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In the final part of this 3 part clip my slave is brought to the very edge of orgasm as I skillfully stroke his cock with my lubed up hands. He’s tied, spread eagle to my bed and completely helpless as he struggles to hold back his man goo. He knows the game requires him to prove his manhood by controlling his orgasm, but when you have Princess Kelly working you over, it’s no easy task. I rotate around and straddle his face. My latex-clad booty bounces up and down on his face as I continue the hand job action. I begin to get really wet at the power I have over this helpless loser. He’s doing everything he can to not enjoy the experience, while I’m fucking his mind over. He CAN’T cum, he knows losing the game will cause me to lose my prize money, and to lose that means I will DESTROY his Nuts! The buzzer sounds for an interesting final round “Pleasure and Torture”. I figure the best way to apply this technique is to lay beside him and jerk him off as I periodically SLAM my knee into his package. Maybe this will help reduce the pleasure for him, and increase the chance of surviving for the last moments of the game? Nope. My slave whimpers and cries “I’m so sorry Princess, I think I’m going to cum. Please forgive me!” “NO!” I demand as I slam my knees harder and harder into his testicles as I jerk him off. “Don’t you dare!”, but it’s too late. His cum starts to squirt out of his tiny, pathetic penis and fly all over his chest. Seeing that cum is complete disobedience to me. He’s costed me the prize money, and failed me as a slave. I need to RUPTURE his BALLS! I continue to jerk him off and relentlessly knee him in the balls with his cum flying everywhere. My slave cries, and begs for mercy but I just stand up and continue to kick the cum out of his Nuts. The ropes hold him spread eagle for me. He’s fucked and I am pissed. I literally kick the cum out of him and don’t stop until he is completely broken.

Starring: Kelly
Size: 217.22 Mb
Duration: 00:08:23 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


Download link:
The Stronger Sex_Part 3of3.mp4 – 217.2 MB

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