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Posted: December 8, 2017 в 10:44 am

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The Beautiul Goddess suspects her slave has been avoiding her. But now that she has it trapped in the torture table, it can NOT escape! ..So to teach it a lesson she will wear her dangerous needle heel stiletto slides to inflict THE MOST INCREDIBLE PAINS!!! She degrades the slave constantly with verbal humiliations and BRUTALLY CRUEL HIGH HEEL URETHRA INSERTIONS!!! This Goddess shows it no mercy and the internal damage she causes is quite evident!!! She even tramples AND STOMPS all over his helpless cock AND HIS BALLS!!! This poor slaves dick GETS F*CKED until SHE is satisfied!!! She even took a quick go at castrating his testicles harpooning the heel of her shoe deep down into his ball sac before SLICING OPEN HIS SKIN with needle heel slashing kicks!!!

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  • alexandre smith
    Author: alexandre smith Added December 8, 2017 в 12:03

    This is very good. (*_*)

    • admin
      Author: admin Added December 8, 2017 в 12:12

      Thanks for the comment!!!
      You are Welcome! 🙂


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