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Posted: December 5, 2017 в 10:07 pm

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I am THRILLED to be back at Girls Next Door studios where I get to indulge in my favourite fetish, BALLBUSTING! Sadly, many of my slaves simply aren’t man enough to take a few solid shots to the Nuts so when I come to Team BALLBUSTER it’s always time to let loose and CRUSH BALLS! In this clip I experiment with kicking, stomping, kneeing, and punching both in high heels, and with bare feet. Both have unique advantages. High heels seem to leave more of a STING, yet bare feet allow better balance and often more IMPACT! I can’t decide what’s better, so I use both. I kick this loser square in the balls over and over and I won’t stop until I leave them battered and bruised. I want this loser to be broken on the ground, as I stand dominantly over him, as he cries at my feet, holding his BUSTED BALLS! HAHAHA!

Starring: MISS XI
Size: 728.2 Mb
Duration: 00:09:54 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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