Ignore It, Destroy It!! pt2 – SweetFeet & Ball Crushing SF&BC

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Posted: November 26, 2017 в 9:22 am

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The sexy goddess has tortured her slave without a care and the damage is starting to show in the form of swollen battered balls!!! But she is not yet satisfied, she has removed her earphones so that she can listen to his humiliation while making it feel even MORE PAIN!!! She stands on his balls and starts to heel stomp on his tender cock!!! His dick looks lifeless as she continues to REPEATEDLY STOMP IT into the hard floor!!! Her beautiful feet and toes look so amazing with the long toenails and French tip pedicure and she teases the slave just enough to get his dick hard again!…only TO FLATTEN HIS SHAFT as she stands full weight on his cock and balls!!!

She even KICKS AND STOMPS ALL OVER HIS PACKAGE treating it like a worthless piece of meat! She removes her shoe for a moment to rest her soft sweaty bare foot on his cock stroking it a bit to tease him even more!! The slave hoped to get lucky enough and get a footjob, but the Goddess slides her shoe back on then STEPS DOWN FULL WEIGHT ON HIS COCKHEAD WITH HER HEEL AND JUST STANDS THERE as it is held in place beneath the crushing weight of her heel!!! Poor slave, that’s all he gets!

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Duration: 00:17:38 min
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