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Posted: November 16, 2017 в 8:17 am

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(WARNING: THIS BRUTAL CLIP CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES NOT TO BE VIEWED BY THE SQUEAMISH!!!) The Beautiful Goddess feet looks amazing with her freshly painted French Pedicure as she is wearing one of her favorite pairs of sexy High Heel Stilettos not only because they look good on her but also because SHE KNOWS that she is able to do LOTS of damage to her slave with these shoes!!! Although the It has been begging to get under her heels he will soon become regretful of this request! She orders it to grab and hold his own dick into an upward position and then she just JAMS HER STILETTO HEEL DOWN INTO HIS PENIS HOLE!!! She stands up inside his dick twisting around back and forth and CONTINUES TO FORCE IT IN!!! She kicks his hands out of her way and then really starts heel f*cking his horny cock!!! Deeper and DEEPER she goes forcing the slave to take more completely ignoring his screams of pain as she proceeds with the internal destruction using her sharp metal heels on the inside of his dick!!!

Watch how she fucks up his urethra with careless brutality!!! By now the slaves penis is leaking the red stuff from the internal damage!!! Unfortunately for It, the Goddess enjoys making him suffer and is thirsty for more destruction! She then gives it several ball slicing heel kicks gashing his balls MERCILESSLY RIPPING HIS SKIN OPEN WITH HER SHARP METAL HEELS to the point that THERE ARE CHUNKS OF HIS SKIN ALL OVER HER HEELS AND EVEN FLYING ONTO THE T0RTURE TABLE!!!..(and you can even HEAR THE SOUNDS OF HIS FLESH TEARING OPEN!!!) Both of her heels are completely coated with his bl0od and shreds of skin!!!…now the cock will get the same kick slicing treatment leaving the poor slave EXTREMELY DAMAGED INSIDE AND OUT!!!

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