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Posted: November 15, 2017 в 1:37 pm

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Balls To The Wall – THE MEAN GIRLS

This REAL SLAVE wants to serve us, so we spread his legs and with one of the Mean Girl’s behind the camera, capture his pain as statuesque Princess Ashley bludgeons his balls with her long beautiful legs. She kicks him as hard as she can. But this slave is so boring, he keeps falling to the ground. What a loser. We finally order him to take it for us, if he really wants to be our slave. So then he jumps around- so frustrating.

This slave jumps like a bunny. He needs to learn to stand and take it.So we give him a little incentive to try and by a man… not that he was much of a man to begin with. By the time we’re done with him there won’t be very much left of his manhood left at all >:-D

Starring: Princess Bella
Size: 603.58 Mb
Duration: 00:10:17 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Balls To The Wall.mp4

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