Lady Latisha’s Perfect Sadistic Trampling Shoejob – Close Up 1 – Clip 2 – High Heels Goddess – Lady Latisha

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Posted: November 8, 2017 в 4:26 pm

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Today I am in one of my new leather skirts to see, on my divine feet I wear very sexy “GML” stilettos. Now I torture and humiliate, my slaves, again in a cruel way. While I smoke a cigarette, I use his mouth as an ashtray. That I am with my noble high heels, with full weight on his cock, is clear! That I do not take care of his balls is self-evident. So I crush his testicles and enjoy my slave’s worship.
Ruthless, I insert my shoe heel in his urethra. I am hurting his urethra, for today I will see his . While my shoe heel is inserted in his urethra, I rub my burning cigarette on his glans penis. I am amusing myself over my miserable slaves and humiliates him, continuing verbally too.
I trample heartlessly on his genitals, while my shoe heel is inserted again in his urethra. My slave moans in pain and I see how the first dripping bleed from his cock. I trample, more from his cock, before I lay my burning cigarette on his penis and stepp on the cigarette with my hot Stilettos.
Gracious how I am and as reward, my poor slave can cumshot under my shoe sole. That’s Female Domination!

Starring: Lady Latisha
Size: 869.37 Mb
Duration: 00:12:34 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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Lady Latishas Perfect Sadistic Trampling Shoejob_Close Up 1_Clip 2.mp4 – 869.4 MB

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  • charontes
    Author: charontes Added November 8, 2017 в 18:27

    why florenfile, not depfile?


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