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Posted: October 21, 2017 в 5:52 pm

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Another first for the Muscle Diva Sheila Rock as she conquers the world of Ball Stomping and Testicle Trampling in this amazing Top Selling clip. Sheila looks better every time we see her! Her sculpted Muscles, and unbelievably perfect body really make you respect this Powerful Woman as she Walks All Over You! We’ve featured some incredible POV footage in this one so you really get an idea what it would be like to be Trampled by this infamous session girl and pro body builder. Sheila is relentless as she drives her feet deep into his crotch with every Stomp, Trample and Gaspedal. Her leg muscles Bulge as our victim desperately tries to stop his Testicles from bursting beneath her. Sheila isn’t the tallest woman, but her body is composed of Dense, Hard Muscle which really allows her to CRUSH men beneath her. Sheila Stomps his Balls, Gaspedals him, then she Walks repeatedly over his Balls, and begins jumping onto them as his Nads threaten to POP! Feeling they could rupture at any moment, Sheila Stands Full Weight on his Groin, and Marches his Nuts into Pulp as she Bounces, and Grinds all her weight onto his Weakest Spot. Our video victims Nuts were pretty damaged after this shoot, but the one up side to his suffering was that his POV camera caught some super hot action as Sheila’s rock solid buns of steel bounced over him as she Trampled his Nuts into oblivion! LOL!

Starring: Sheila Rock
Size: 525.39 Mb
Duration: 00:05:29 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Testicle Trample 3.mp4 – 525.4 MB

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