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Posted: October 16, 2017 в 11:03 am

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Rapture is sitting on her Luxurious leather couch in her living Room with her feet rested upon a cock box for her slave. She is wearing a Black bra with black leggings, showing off her strong thick muscular thighs, with a pair of sexy Thong sandals that leave the best parts of her feet exposed for worshiping and pampering. She Impatiently is waiting as the camera fades into focus, “Slave, Come in here and lick my feet & sandals”. On his knees, The slave readily crawls over on command and immediately begins to kiss and lick The Goddesses sandals and feet. Licking her toes, the top of her feet, the sides of her soles with long licks, including long licks over the tops of her feet and sandals. Once the Muscular Amazon Goddess is satisfied, She orders the slave to “Get in the Box!!!” Fades in… To just the slaves dick in the box with Rapture in the background beginning to kneel down to the cock box to exclaim ownership of this lucky slaves cock. She grips the slaves thick cock and gives it a nice squeeze with her firm and powerful hands. Making notice of how nice her slaves cock looks in the CockBox. She begins to stroke the slaves cock and continues to talk about how thick and nice his cock is. Rapture likes it so much she can’t help herself from giving it a little taste. As soon her her warm wet tongue touched the tip, she immediately had to have more and began to suck the the slaves cock. The slave immediately gets rock hard in her mouth. She takes a break from using her beautiful and perfect mouth and continues to squeeze and stroke the slaves cock with both hands. While stroking the slaves cock she makes sure to keep her mouth very close to the slaves tip, just to tease his throbbing cock, with feeling her warm breath on his dick as she firmly strokes it. The slave burst out ” I’m sorry, I cant control myself Goddess, I’m going to cum!!!” The slave Explodes in Raptures hands after only a couple minutes of her stroking his pathetic weak willed dick. Rapture exclaims “You’re not even going to ask permission??? Now i’m pissed” She then rubs the slaves cock head very firmly after he cums for a bit of added torture. after all, he didn’t ask permission to cum. She slaps his dick one last time before rising to her feet towering over the slave as he is trapped in his cock box. Rapture tells the slave how pissed she is and tells him “that he must be punished”. she lifts her foot with her thong sandals on and steps on the slaves cock and begins to smash his dick against the box. she pedal pumps the slaves cock over and over “squish, squish, squish” showing off her beautiful long toes and vibrant pink toenails as she stomps the slaves cock as flat as pancake. after a few minutes of smashing the slaves cock she decides she wants to take this to the next level. she begins to stroke the slaves swollen sensitive cock, smashing the slaves dick in between both of her thong sandals. She then begins to fuck the slaves cock with her feet, stroking faster and faster as the slaves cock grows more and more. She begins stroking faster and harder as she caresses her perfect breast and perfect body. Teasing the Slave with her perfect muscles and perfect breast. The slave can’t take it any longer. He is so over powered by her incredible strength and beauty he has no self control. The slave begins to beg Goddess Rapture, to let him blow this uncontrollable load “please, Please, Please Goddess, may I cum???”. she grants the slave permission to cum for a 2nd time. Immediately after being told yes the Slave burst his load all over her feet and sandals. Rapture Immediately steps on the slaves cock after he cums and begins to squish his cock again with her big strong feet. The slave moans in pleasure and pain as Rapture relentlessly steps on and smashes the slaves cock. Rapture laughs at the slaves pain and continues to stomp and smash his cock. The slave begins to enjoy his punishment a bit to much, and before he knew it… He was begging rapture to let him cum for a 3rd time! Check it out to see what Goddess Rapture makes the slave do with his 3rd and final load.

Starring: Goddess Rapture
Size: 374.55 Mb
Duration: 00:10:46 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Rapture Smash.mp4 – 374.6 MB

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