Ballbusting / CBT Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER

Part 2 Ballbusting Brutality 11 – Alexa Fire – Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER

Welcome back to my Ballbusting Brutality game! You’re going to love the last 2 rounds of my Nut Squashing challenge, but first I finish up round #3. I force the loser to stand facing the camera as I completely PLOUGH him with a wicked Low Blow, and then run around behind him to land another few Punches before I reach up between his Legs, Grab his Testicle in my manicured grasp, and totally CRUSH his BALLS! LOL! My hands are getting sore from the relentless Punches I’ve been throwing, but unfortunately for him my Boots are Hungry for Broken Balls! I have the victim lay on the floor before me and spread his legs as I release all my pent up frustrations with a fury of non-stop, Ball Crushing Kicks, Stomps and Gaspedals. In the end I Stomp him, Grab him by the ankles and lean all my weight onto his Nuts until I feel one Nad finally POP! LMAO! There’s still one Testicle left however, and I intend to POP it in the final round! The loser is no longer able to stand, which is fine with me as I drop my Knees down onto his Crotch and attack him with Knees, Knee Thrusts, and instep Kicks. He makes the mistake of touching me, which really pisses me off. I force with legs open and Grab and Squeeze his package with everything I have. I dig my sharp nails deep into his Balls and I don’t stop Crushing until CRUNCH! LOL! I LOVE being a BALLBUSTER! Your Badass Ballbusting Princess, Alexa Fire xoxo

Starring: Alexa Fire
Size: 719.86 Mb
Duration: 00:10:31 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4



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Part 2 Ballbusting Brutality 11.mp4 – 719.9 MB

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