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Posted: August 29, 2017 в 4:51 pm

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Tonight is My slave’s lucky night: I will take him to bed with Me. Well… he’s not exactly going to be in bed with Me, he will spend the night tied to My bed (on the outer side) by his hands and genitals. Still, this means he will be able to watch Me sleep, hear Me breathe – what more can he wish for? I can see he is very aroused to be so close to Me in such a private setting, to watch Me go to sleep in My tiny nightgown that doesn’t really cover too much. I know he loves Me and he wants Me, and all this unintentional teasing is not really helping him with his tied up cock that is quickly turning blue. Or maybe not that unintentional, I must admit, I might be quite enjoying this, seeing him so aroused yet so helpless. But, with all this arousal, I don’t want him to cum on My feet during the night. That would be gross! So what should I do? Should I milk him, so that he’s emptied and has nothing to cum, or should I hurt his cock and balls so much that he will not be able to have even a trace of erection? Difficult decision…

Starring: Mistress Ezada Sinn
Size: 225.3 Mb
Duration: 00:21:45 min
Resolution: 720×406
Format video: mp4


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