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Posted: July 30, 2017 в 10:33 am

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Ballbusting Contest-Brooke Vs Chanel – THE MEAN GIRLS

Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Chanel are hanging out at Mean Girl Manor and relaxing while using their naked slaves as foot rests. The subject of conversation turns to who has the most devoted slave. Princess Chanel is 100% convinced that her slave is the most devoted because he will do anything for her and can really take a beating. Superior Goddess Brooke thinks her slave is the most devoted and that he can take even more abuse than Princess Chanel’s slave. Superior Goddess Brooke suggests they find out which slave can take the most abuse and last the longest by kicking them in the balls and seeing which one falls to his knees first.

The naked slaves crawl behind their owners following them to the middle of the room where the ball kicking contest will soon take place. But first the slaves are commanded to worship their owners boots, kissing, licking, and cleaning the boots that are about to make them suffer. Even this turns into a bit of a contest as Princess Chanel tells her slave that he better not let Superior Goddess Brooke’s slave out do him.

After the boot worship session is over it’s time for the contest to begin. The slaves are commanded to stand and spread their legs wide apart. Because this is a contest to see whose slave can take the most pain there is no warmup or light kicks to get things started. Right off the bat from the very first kick we get nothing but full force kicks directly to the slave’s defenseless balls! The sound alone from the boots smashing into the slaves balls is loud enough to make you flinch. At one point Superior Goddess Brooke was so impressed with a particularly devastating kick delivered by Princess Chanel she tells her despite the fact this is a competition she has to admit she really admires her style of ball kicking and how much it causes boys to suffer.

Princess Chanel and Goddess Brooke do a great job convincing their slaves to continue taking the pain. I can kick you as much as I want right? You’ll never go down no matter how much I kick right? You can see that each slave is desperate to not disappoint his owner by being the first to go down so all they can do is stand there and just take it..kick after kick after kick. Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Chanel make sure the slaves understand that this is all they are good for! They could never get girls like them in real life. The best they can do is to get kicked in their pathetic balls!

This is an amazing clip! It’s not only a great hard core ballbuting clip but also includes the casual use of slaves as foot rests, boot worship, mocking of slaves, and even a titty tease from Superior Goddess Brooke.

Starring: Superior Goddess Brooke, Princess Chanel
Size: 971.88 Mb
Duration: 00:16:38 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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