Alexa Shows Kayla how to Ballbust – Alexa, Kayla, Natalya – Brat Princess 2

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Posted: July 26, 2017 в 2:42 pm

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Alexa’s a ballbusting expert. She demonstrates ballbusting for Natalya and Kayla, who want to learn from her. Alexa explains that ballbusting is all about inflicting as much pain as you possibly can on the slave. You really want to get it to drop to the ground. Once it drops, then you yell at it to get back up so that you can kick it more. Two girls take turns holding the slave still while the third kicks. The slave is outnumbered. His only option is to submit. Alexa’s shows off how hard she can kick, and the girls all clap for her. Natalya fires off a solid round. Then, Alexa and Kayla finish the slave off. Alexa holds the slave still while Kayla practices how hard she can kick. Kayla’s a natural and gets a lot of solid kicks in on her first try. Alexa drops the slave, one final time. She makes it crawl over and kiss her and Kayla’s shoes. The girls take a break for now, but Kayla has caught the ballbusting bug. They will definitely be back later for more.

Starring: Alexa, Kayla, Natalya
Size: 717.15 Mb
Duration: 00:09:40 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: wmv


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