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Posted: July 6, 2017 в 6:44 pm

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Hey Losers, Princess Alexa here, and I want you to check out my latest clip with my super hot friend Taylor Rush! This is kind of like the second half to “Ballbusting Babes 2.0” and we really step things up as we finish off this losers Balls! Taylor is trying to Stomp his Nuts back into his body, but she’s having trouble because he’s trying to block and he’s crying like a lil bit#h, luckily I know how to fix that, and I sit my Perfect Ass right on his Face and Smother him! LOL! I pull his arms away from himself, and then step on them so he can no longer block (it also makes a pretty Sexy view for the fans at home), meanwhile my girl friend completely unloads on this losers Nads as she Stomps, and Punches him in the Crotch and Chokes him. Taylor has been having a bit of boy trouble recently, so the chance to join me and Break some Balls really appealed to her LOL. Then I Trample over him, and we switch places, as Taylor Sits on his Face in a reverse style, and I get to Stomp and Trample his Balls (my favourite). We quickly discover if I stand Full Weight on his Groin and Bounce the slave’s cries and moans seem to vibrate up into Taylor’s crotch lol. We take turns Kicking and Stomping him while he’s down, but when he tries to block me again we both get super pissed and just totally Beat him Down! I Sit on his Chest and Taylor Stomps his Manhood into mush! LMAO! Worship your Princess, Princess Alexa xoxo

Starring: Princess Alexa, Taylor Rush
Size: 403.27 Mb
Duration: 00:05:34 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Ballbusting Babes Tag Team his Nuts.mp4 – 403.3 MB

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