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Posted: June 26, 2017 в 7:28 pm

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Ball Breaker Code Breaker is a unique Action-movie style clip we put together that features several Mixed Fighting and Beatdown scenarios which all of course focus on the “bad guyetting his Balls BUSTED!! Electra is a Femme Fatale secret agent who’s been tasked with getting the derom a bad guy. The bad guy puts up a fight, but luckily, this girl LOVES Beating up Men and showing serious Girl Power. We know the acting is a bit cheesy, but at least the kicks are HARD! LOL!

Size: 682.2 Mb
Duration: 00:05:08 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Ball Breaker Code Breaker.mp4 – 658.2 MB

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