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Posted: June 3, 2017 в 5:35 pm

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Pixie Von Bat has a new slave. She also got a new stripper pole.

She wants to dance and she wants him to watch. She grabs his balls, “But if you get hard, I’m kicking you in the balls!”

Pixie then grinds on him, and it’s hopeless. She can see him bulging in his underwear. So she goes to town on his balls with HARD kicks and knees. Pixie is a young and sweet little lady. Her tone is adorable, but her abuse is rough.

After a lot of abuse and teasing in her tight leotard and tattered pantyhose, she takes off his underwear to reveal a full hard on. She tells him she is going to kick him until it “goes away,” but the harder she kicks, he just gets harder and drips pre-cum.

She makes him eat his pre-cum, then makes him hump her thighs. “Are you hungry? As long as your my slave all you will have to eat is your own pre-cum. And you won’t be allowed to really cum for a long, long time.”

If her slave wants to eat and survive, he has to stay on the edge of an orgasm. This won’t be a problem with her brutal teasing and abusing.

Starring: Pixie Von Bat
Size: 365.6 Mb
Duration: 00:10:05 min
Resolution: 950×540
Format video: mp4


Download link:
Survive on Your Pre Cum PIXIE BALLBUSTING.mp4 – 365.6 MB

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