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Posted: June 3, 2017 в 5:48 pm

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Mistress Claire tortures Ladies Floor’s pathetic little dick in numerous sadistic and very painful ways. She makes him sit on the bondage horse that she converted into a CBT device, and put his sad little penis through the hole. She beats his cock relentlessly with a riding crop until he cannot take any more. Then she shocks the tip of his cock over and over with a violet wand turned all the way up on high, and you can tell how painful it is by the loud ZAP! sound it makes when held up to his dick, and by how much he jumps, and the uncontrollable sounds that are coming out of him. Then she gets up and stands on top of the horse and stomps on his dick, and stands on it with her full weight, crushing it flat under her shoe. That gets to be too painful for him, so she beats him senseless with a riding crop all over his cock, nipples, chest, and belly, and then zaps him endlessly with the violet wand again. This poor little man, she is very brutal and relentless and has no sympathy for him when he screams out in pain!!!

Starring: Mistress Claire
Size: 693.07 Mb
Duration: 00:06:17 min
Resolution: 950×540
Format video: mpg


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Mistress Claire tortures.mpg – 693.1 MB

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