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Posted: June 2, 2017 в 5:08 pm

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Mean Girls Tryout a New Pain Slave – THE MEAN GIRLS

We put out calls for pain slaves from time to time. We had one recently, and this guy showed up, begging to take our abuse. You losers are all so pathetic. We actually think its fucking hilarious that you freaks will come crawling to us, literally begging us to kick your balls to mush just so we can laugh in your face and film it for our profit! Princess Bella and I go through this ugly, hairy thing’s application and are actually somewhat impressed. More slaves should treat this kind of stuff like a job- because it kind of IS your job, right loser? Your job is to spread your legs whenever commanded by your Superiors and LET us kick your nuts as much as we want! The more destruction we cause to your testicles, the more money we make! That is your job, kick-bag! You are a profession kick bag for Mean Girls LOL. And that is how it should be for losers like you. It is all you are good for, and you know it.

So Bella and I get this hairy little bitch up against the wall and start laying in some stone-cold kicks to his balls. I even decided to wear my ankle boots covered in METAL SPIKES for this. I literally gives NO fucks that his groin is going red and raw a few minutes in…he needs to continue to take it- simply because that is what is commanded of him. I hold his leash so he doesn’t fall over from the kicks and Bella continues to brutalize his pathetic man-meat while we just laugh and try to out-do each other. We really don’t care about the destruction we are causing to its balls because, well…it is just a slave, right? So who the fuck cares? We like it when slaves shut up and take it, but we like it when they break down and beg us to stop even more haha. So we keep kicking until our new Hobbit kick-bag is curled up on the ground, kissing our boots and literally begging both of us for mercy. Oh, what a power rush it is to make men REALLY grovel at your feet in fear and beg for your mercy…

Starring: Princess Carmela, Princess Bella
Size: 1113.17 Mb
Duration: 00:15:05 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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Mean Girls Tryout a New Pain Slave.mp4

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  • hyp
    Author: hyp Added July 8, 2018 в 10:10

    can u reup this ? 😀


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