Ballbusting / CBT Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER

Naughty Little Ball Breaking School Girl – Part 1 – Summer Jones – Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER

Hey Boys, Summer Jones here, and I’m back at Girls Next Door Studios to play out one of my ultimate fantasies; Squashing my annoying older step brother’s Nuts! LOL! In this skit, my step bro is babysitting me, and keeps on hassling me to get off my phone and get out to get some exercise. He should really know better than to bug me, as this isn’t the first time I’ve kicked him in his Balls for being a pain. LOL. He keeps on bugging me, so I really have no choice but to beat up his balls a bit. After I slam my foot into his Nads he suddenly starts talking a little bit higher, it’s freakin hilarious. He wants me to get more exercise, I think Ball Busting is Great exercise! I attack him with Kicks, Knees, Punches, Grabs, Gaspedals and Stomps. He tries to cover up but I just pull his hands away and Smash his Nuts repeatedly. He threatens to tell my mom on me, but I know she’d totally take my side. Heck, my mom taught me to kick boy where it hurts, if he told her what I do to him when he bugs me I bet my mom would laugh and give me a high five! In fact, if I gave her my puppy eyes I could probably get her to help! BAHAHA! I really get into it, and totally aim to Ruin his Testicles. He tries to be a od brothernd doesn’t fight back, which I think makes him even more pathetic as I’m clearly targeting his Manhood for Destruction! LOL! Buy my sexy clip losers and support my dream to Bust Balls every week for Team BALLBUSTER!

Starring: Summer Jones
Size: 446.87 Mb
Duration: 00:06:30 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4



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Naughty Little Ball Breaking School Girl – Part 1.mp4 – 446.9 MB

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