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Posted: May 5, 2017 в 6:52 pm

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Men see the tattoos and the piercings and they automatically assume I’m a bad girl and that Im going to be rough or mean. I see them tremble a little as I stand over them and I know that part of them isn’t sure if I am going to use my leather boots to inflict pain on them. Yes, of course I enjoy being in control…and of course I enjoy the rush of adrenalin I get from having a grown man laid out at my feet and completely at my mercy…but a girl doesn’t necessarily have to be mean or inflict pain to make a man obey and worship her. With every stroke of the sole of my boot against the delicate skin of your hard cock you will realize that you’re mine. And as I slowly increase the speed and the pressure while you gaze up at these perfect long, toned legs it will be obvious that there is no need for me to hurt you to get what I want…especially when all I want is for you to cum under my boot. And when you finally do explode under the sole of my boot don’t think that’s the end…because I’m not going to stop until I’ll squeezed every last drop of cum out of your worn out spent cock. I’m going until I’m satisfied and it just might be more than you can handle.

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