The Fetish Couple – Enjoy Your Foodjob – Close Up

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Posted: November 27, 2022 в 9:30 am

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The Fetish Couple – Enjoy Your Foodjob – Close Up

My slave is recovering from one hell of a beating the night before and his balls are sore to the touch. I demand him back in his box and without any hesitation he obeys. I decide to reward him for good behavior with a foot job in his box. Of course, I’m still going to crush him full weight, but I mostly give him a sensual foot job. Allowing my feet to slide around in the lube, up and down on his shaft. Of course I send a few heavy stomps to remind him I do as I please. However I quickly get back to sliding and stepping all over his balls. He enjoys to watch such a perfect figure crush his manhood slowly and sensually, as he gets harder and harder. Finally releases a large load on his box as I step off with satisfaction.

Featuring: Kloe, Ken
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Duration: 00:14:09 min
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