The Fetish Couple – Summer Sandal Smash and Barefoot Release – Close Up

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Posted: November 4, 2022 в 11:25 am

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The Fetish Couple – Summer Sandal Smash and Barefoot Release – Close Up

For this clip I have a brand new pair of summer sandals, that I can’t wait to wear out and about. Of course all of my shoes get worn in the bedroom first! I step right up and crush and march all over my slave husband. He struggles with shoes as I decided he gets no warm up and the tread was less forgiving than he thought. I warn him that we have another very hard clip coming up next, so he must learn to endure. Half way through the clip his balls are already starting to swell, and I can see by the look in his face he is loving the pain the I am causing him. I decide to take my sandals off and continue the stomping barefoot! My perfect feet slide up and down his cock. I twist and grind and let my soft feet slide each and every direction while at the same time stomp extra hard with heels directly on his testicles. I love the feeling of a direct hit and the thud of his balls nearly bursting beneath my stomps! I can see he enjoying the treatment so I pick up the intensity. One foot rests on his shaft, sliding ever so slightly back and forth, while the over reigns out extra hard heel stomp after heel stomp. Back to back with no break as I nearly destroy his testicles! I edge him even closer as he about to explode from thee pleasure. Then just as he is about to release I let out the hardest stomps of the clips with truly direct aim. I need him to associate the worst pain with the best pleasure. He blows his load all over the place!
This clip only has the close up, as I was having camera difficulties with other angle this night. I’m happy I at least caught the one angle!

Featuring: Kloe, Ken
Size: 1.1 GB
Duration: 00:15:12 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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