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Posted: June 10, 2022 в 6:35 pm

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Miss Suzanna Maxwell – SuzannaMax – Beaten and Busted

This is some very brutal pain training. My slaves antagonise Me by entering the room incorrectly. This sets the tone for the punishment as I am severely displeased by their rudeness. I strap one to the whipping bench and the other is strung up on the cross. I brutalise his balls with harsh kicks, he looks terrified as i show no signs of slowing. I turn My attention to the bare ass presented to Me before swiftly turning it crimson with the cruelest of crops. The slave on the cross whimpers in fear. I take turns on each of them, the slave on the bench shaking from the screams of the other slave as I squeeze his balls until they are on the brink of extinction before cruelly kneeing them so they shrink away inside himself. I cold cane the bent over slave until his legs can take no more and he begs for mercy. I release the one on the cross and as he grovels and begs on the floor it could only mean I want one thing more pain, more busting!!! he tries his best to keep his legs spread but as the kicks become more severe he falls to the ground repeatedly clutching his poor battered balls. They are both in tatters as I let them kiss and grovel at My feet. I allow some foot worship after taking My pound of flesh and training them in preparation to be Mine.

Starring: Miss Suzanna Maxwell
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Duration: 00:06:38 min
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