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Posted: June 9, 2022 в 3:14 pm

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Mistress Anna Elite – 101 KICKS TO THE BALLS

I adore having my feet worshipped; a well trained and enthusiastic slave is a must. If you cannot serve my feet to my satisfaction you better be ready to face the consequences…

I allow my devoted foot slave to kiss my gorgeous strappy leather heels and petite pedicured feet, I remind him that he must always show me enthusiasm during his worship. I instruct him to kiss each toe in turn and show his appreciation of the beautiful heels that I am wearing. Despite being presented with a pair of flawless feet, his attempts at worship are simply not good enough. My slave cups my feet in his hands and kisses them all over, but I feel that his attempts are not passionate enough. I instruct him to stand up and I explain my decision to punish him: I gave him plenty of chances to show his passion through the adoration of my feet, but despite all of the chances and encouragement I gave him, he did a terrible job.

I have decided to use the feet he failed to adore to cause him pain, specifically on his most vulnerable parts: his balls. My slaves tender testicles will be relentlessly kicked by my beautiful feet in an attempt to redeem himself after his pathetic attempts of foot worship. He will be repaying his debt of disappointment with the torment of his balls. I decide on a limitless ball busting – I will keep going until I am satisfied.

My slave stands with his feet apart, his delicate balls hanging between his legs. The first few kicks land and he takes them well, counting each painful kick as it hits. He knows that he has disappointed me and that he must pay with pain… Number 13 has my slave sink to the floor and shout out in pain, but immediately he gets back up eager to not make his punishment any worse than it will already be.

After 25 cruel kicks to the front of his balls, I instruct S to get onto his hands and knees with legs apart, bottom facing me. With my slave in this position I can land my foot precisely and powerfully onto his balls, crushing them up against his pelvis assuring eventual destruction. As I continue kicking his balls my slave continues the count, mostly managing to keep his legs apart and his balls vulnerable. I increase my pace and the kicks come hard and fast.

At 50 kicks I tell him to stand up and face me- I want to see his suffering. Another fury of kicks land on his swollen and sore balls. I turn him around again and he takes more kicks from behind. At 70 kicks he sinks to the floor and rolls onto his back in an attempt to end his suffering, I take this opportunity to press my foot into his balls and painfully squish his flesh.

I tell him to stand again and I continue to relentlessly kick his balls up into his body; he jumps into the air with each kick, trying to process the pain and suffering I am bestowing upon him. At 80 kicks he sinks to the floor and I firmly instruct him to get onto his knees to receive the rest of his punishment, he deserves it after all. Since we are so close to 100 now, I decide to make that the goal – 100 full kicks to the balls for his punishment. After 90 kicks he attempts to hide his balls and asks to kiss my feet instead, I allow it for a moment to ensure my upmost composure for the final 10 merciless kicks.

I make sure that the last 10 kicks are the hardest yet, my slave struggles; completely destroyed. We finally kick our way to 99, for the big 100th kick, I instruct him to stand and take it for me. I kick him full power in the balls, but he moves… ruining the satisfying blow. I take another kick to his balls, the hardest yet, my slave screams in pain and falls to the floor in sheer agony.

Starring: Miss Anna Elite
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