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Posted: June 6, 2022 в 5:53 pm

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Mistress Anna Elite – I WANT TO POP YOUR BALLS

‘I want to pop them once and for all!’

I have been on a quest to pop Squishy’s balls for years; we have played many times and it is always my intention to ruin them beyond repair. My usual tactic is to kick them relentlessly until he rolls around in tears on the floor, however this afternoon, I have decided to try something a little different…

Squishy is secured to the low bench beneath my suspension frame, I have his body strapped down and his wrists cuffed. He is vulnerable and his balls are completely exposed. I have decided to dress in a silk gown, beneath I have gorgeous lace lingerie on however he doesn’t deserve to see that. We are here for one thing and one thing only – to pop his balls one and for all.

Squishy surrenders his balls to me, I firmly take hold of them and begin squeezing them tightly, digging in my nails and pulling the skin taught; they almost look as though they will explode already but we are nowhere near done yet. The first part of his cruel treatment is inflicted by my hands; I slap, squeeze, and punch his exposed testicles relentlessly, teasing him as we go. Squishy cries out in pain, I take no notice as I rain down the punches on to his awaiting sac, beating them senseless, I am certain he will never reproduce.

I sit astride his balls, my perfect feet pushed to his nose, this helpless slave has no choice but to comply. Once my feet have been kissed, we can begin using them too as useful tools for his demise. I take immense pleasure in standing full weight on both of my slaves’ testicles, he cannot escape as I mercilessly stop his testicles into mush.

After a thorough crushing, I can tell Squishy’s balls are incredibly sore, they are swollen and red, but they haven’t popped yet! Taking a seat on the sill I use both of my perfect size 3 feet to take hold of and squash his balls before stomping them with both my toes and heel. My pedicured toes compliment his reddening sac perfectly, his balls are mine to destroy, and I will take such immense pleasure in doing so.

My slave writhes and moans as I take a firm grip of his balls once more, I take a seat back astride him, my feet in perfect alignment to the bottom of his sac; I kick and crush until completely satisfied.

We are so close to popping them, especially with my full weight on both of his testicles however we haven’t quite succeeded in ruining them yet. He will return daily until my desire is fulfilled…

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