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Posted: April 24, 2022 в 7:28 pm

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BratPrincessAva – Training My New Ball Busting Slave

I recruited a new ball busting slave for content hahah. Im teaching him how to be the perfect ball busting slave! Its not something he wanted to do but I don’t care he doesn’t get to make the rules!! And he was getting pretty useless anyways so this is now the only purpose he will have in life. He was excited to not be in chastity but I quickly reminded him this is the only time you will ever be out of chastity! When you aren’t being ball busted you remain in chastity!! I have to train him and teach him the proper ball busting language lol like “present your balls for me!” and to keep still for the kick. He also needs to learn what a penalty kick is! If he falls down after a kick that’s a penalty shot and I get to kick him again during my turn! The goal is kind of to kick him so good he falls down and can’t take anymore kicks but it’s kind of a mind fuck hahahah. I tell him I need to keep practicing so he becomes a good enough ball busting slave for my content! Not only does he stand there and take my kicks but I demand him to get down and worship my ball busting boots as well. If he doesn’t get down fast enough he must keep trying till it is fast enough to princess’s liking!! ….Kick after kick after kick he quickly realizes he is now a ball busting slave for me and all of my friends haha. Then right back into chastity he goes. That’s the way it is!

Starring: Princess Ava
Size: 1.6 GB
Duration: 00:14:19 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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