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Posted: January 7, 2022 в 11:18 pm

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Your laziness will not be tolerated.

When I set my slaves a task to complete for me, I don’t expect to find them slacking on the job. Weak excuses and shameless cheek won’t go in their favour either, much to the shock of my hooded, naked slave before me.

His disappointing and disobedient behaviour needs to be dealt with immediately. A harsh punishment is required to ensure he doesn’t let me down again and, of course, to remind him of his place beneath me.

Elegantly dressed in my black leather corset and skirt – my blonde hair and bare legs a striking opposition to the dark, smooth leather – I tower above my slave lying on the floor and begin his discipline using my perfect bare feet.

Standing full weight on his face, chest and balls, I trample over him with a complete disregard for his comfort or enjoyment. He will learn, the hard way if needs be. My petite feet crush and press his slave body into the hard floor; his eyes rolling back into his head as I use my body weight to crush his skull.

He doesn’t deserve my mercy. Punished and destroyed, I order him to get back on with his task.

Defiance deserves discipline.

Starring: Miss Anna Elite
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Duration: 00:16:13 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
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