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Posted: October 13, 2021 в 9:22 pm

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Kicking balls is one of my most favorite activity, and this poor slave finds out the hard way! Sydney is dressed up in a sexy little schoolgirl outfit with one of her ballbusting clients today and is ready to rumble! She’s feeling extra aggressive today and wants to destroy some balls, and he’s just about as happy as she is. She puts him into position and orders him not to move. She gets a few warm up kicks in, which on their own would take down most loser men, but soon she starts getting into it. He keeps flinching so she turns him around. This way he has no idea when one of her hard kicks are going to land. She kicks him again and again, laughing at him. Finally she’s ready for some more frontal kicks. She gives him a few good ones and he’s already on the ground. She tells him he’s in for it, she wants to turn his balls purple today! She makes him remove his underwear now. He’s not getting even a thin layer of protection from her thick muscular legs and dominating feet. Now warm ups all over and she’s kicking much harder. The sub almost folds a few times but he’s also hard as a rock, she knows he loves it almost as much as she does. She makes him describe how painful it is, obviously getting off on his discomfort. She’s really gung ho about making his balls purple in this session and gets relentless on him as the kicks just get harder and harder, and of course he’s going to love every minute of it.. Will his balls even survive? Watch to find out his fate!

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Duration: 00:21:13 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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