From Smotherbench Slave to… Human Dartboard? (Ft. Kody Evans)

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Posted: October 12, 2021 в 8:49 pm

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From Smotherbench Slave to… Human Dartboard? (Ft. Kody Evans)

I don’t know what it is about some of these smotherbench clips lately, but with the sub in bondage facesitting is one of many potential challenges for him. In this case, Kody Evans is back in the “Torment Shed” and terrifying the sub in new ways.

This time, Kody preys on the vulnerability of the sub by scaring him with darts, and even an archery arrow! Not only does he struggle for air under Her, but She pinches and twists his nipples and pokes them with the darts and arrow. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also has to endure being poked and jabbed in the crotch, hands and anywhere else Kody desires. She has so much fun with this She gets him to reluctantly agree to be Her human dartboard. Kody pulls all the darts from the board and lays them across his torso for when She returns, and then leaves him there to ponder what scary things might happen next!

Starring: Kody Evans
Size: 577.4 MB
Duration: 00:13:43 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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