Platinums Mean Girls – Brutal Bartender Ball Bust

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Posted: July 28, 2021 в 10:28 pm

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Platinums Mean Girls – Brutal Bartender Ball Bust

What does a Goddess have to do to get a decent beverage around here? Seriously! It really blows my mind how insanely stupid some people are. I had a really long junky day so I decided to go to a party I was invited to. Just a little house party, nothing crazy. I figured a really good stiff beverage would end my horrible day on a better note… Nope! I was so wrong about that. I get up to the empty bar. All the other guests were outside enjoying the beautiful weather. I ask the bartender for a simple mixed bev… but unfortunately that fat, pathetic slob of a bartender was just way too stupid to even make that. I took one little sip and it came right back out. It was disgusting to say the least. That’s it! I have had it with idiots today! This was the straw that broke the camels back. I storm behind the bar and grab this dumbass by its ear and drag it out from behind the bar. This assholer just pisssssed off the wrong woman and I’m gonna teach it a lesson it will never forget. This loser had more excuses then I could list… it even tried to tell me that it wasn’t actually a bartender and it was just helping a friend out. I knew right away that this freak was lying because there is no way it has any friends. Lol! I was determined to get to the bottom of all its lies and excuses. I stated bashing in its balls, one kick at a time, over and over. I even made it strip down naked. I don’t care who see its flabby fat ass. Bahaha so nasty! I finally got the truth out of it. I thought it was pathetic before I found out why it was pretending to be a bartender but it’s gotta be the most pathetic male on earth. Wow! I should say I came to the party to have beverage, so I felt better and that didn’t happen because I didn’t even get what I wanted. But I must admit I felt a million times better after teaching that creature a lesson and destroying its balls. Goddess Platinum

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